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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Welcome to Ephemera Watch.

This site is for analysis of images that have been discussed and seen (sometimes on ephemeral web sites) that may (or may not) have either symbolic or steganographic messages regarding radical groups associated with Al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations.

There are a number of images that I am currently batch thumbnailing and generating web pages for full-sized images so that we may better analyze and interpret their meaning. My plan is to get the output from the thumbnail generator uploaded sometime tomorrow.

Also, now that I've viewed this page on a Mac, I'm in the process of making adjusting the layout so that it displays well for Macintosh users...that will take a day or two.

There will also be, along with the thumbnail gallery and archive, a daily discussion of a specific image, illustrated document, or video.

If you wish to comment, please click on the red "comment" link at the top of this post.

Many thanks to WeeBoo, Mrs. Peavey, and Mr_Larry for their generous submissions. Their numerous images will start us off with a sizeable library for analysis.

Today's Image

This image is from the Arab7 website.

The elements are:

  1. Osama bin Laden supplicating with his palms raised towards the sky.
  2. The black Al Qaeda flag acting as a backdrop.
  3. The green "stage" seems to be shaped like Saudi Arabia, which is often depicted in green, as the Saudi flag is green.
  4. The ka'ba is appearant, which is the holiest structure of Islam, and is located in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
  5. A handgun and a rifle.
  6. Nearer the back, there is a unidentified building with minarets or towers.
  7. Arabic lettering and captioning. Unidentified.

This images inclusion of Osama bin Laden, the black flag, and firearms suggests armed struggle, or jihad.
The inclusion of the Mecca ka'ba suggests the time of hajj or some other date that coincides with Mecca and the Islamic calendar.

Please assist and add your comments regarding interpretations of this image.

-- Dunvegan

Welcome to Ephemera Watch.

This is a test of the "plain vanilla" version of Ephemera Watch at http://frogstar.freeshell.org/ephemera


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